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Added anti-spam & anti-bot measures and removed closed restaurants - Jun 13, 2021
Added captcha and back-end techniques to a few pages to help fight spam bots. For now, we have this fairly limited - hopefully we can keep it that way. If you have any problems, let us know through the contact link at the bottom of the page.

Deleted 26 closed restaurants. The airport restaurant business is tough already. With the pandemic, many were hit especially hard. Thanks to the business owners for working so hard and trying their best to make it. We're sorry to see each of you go. Pilots, please support airport restaurants as much as you can so we can all enjoy them in the future!

A few restaurants moved locations, so their airport proximities were updated.

Fixed Google Maps (again) and lots of cleanup - Jun 12, 2021
Google killed off their Maps v2 support, so we rewrote everything to support Maps v3. I you see a map not working correctly, please let us know.

It look them about 14 years to figure it out, but a bot found a way to post some garbage restaurant reviews. The reviews were just scrambled letters and blank fields, but nobody wants that - right? So, we cleaned up all the fake/bot reviews we could find. We're looking into ways to keep that from happening again. Expect some changes to the login, signup and/or review posting pages soon.

Some formatting around the recent reviews on the main page got messed up. Fixed!

Fixed Google Maps errors - Sep 7, 2020
Google updated their terms of service which now requires sites like Fly2Lunch to pay Google if they use over a certain amount of Map data. Just the web search engine hits on Fly2Lunch put us over that amount. So, we put in logic to detect search engine crawlers & other bots and we now don't serve the Google Maps to those. If all goes well, that'll keep Fly2Lunch under the limit to avoid charges from Google.

Fixed restaurant review errors - Jul 21, 2019
A back end server upgrade was causing some errors when users added new reviews. The database server interface code was modified to fix these problems. If you see any other issues when entering restaurant reviews or fly-ins, please let us know.

Closed restaurants removed & website database errors - Jan 27, 2019
We removed all of the known closed restaurants in our database. If you know of any restaurants that are closed, please leave a 1-prop review and write "closed" in the review section.

Several new restaurants were added.

We also noticed that if you add a restaurant review with an apostrophe anywhere in it (restaurant name, review, etc), our server kicks it back as an error. Our host provider has done more upgrades since the original website code was written and that appears to have clobbered those dreaded apostrophes.

We also fixed the Google Maps integration. You should now see the cool maps showing your routes and restaurants along the way.

New server & fixes - Jul 17, 2011
Several weeks ago, a server upgrade with our host provider broke many of the pages here at Fly2Lunch. Everything is back up & running now. You should also notice a much more responsive site. Enjoy!

Auto Search Selection - Oct 16, 2010
If you don't have a currently saved search, fly2lunch will now attempt to find the closest airport to you based on your IP address. Keep in mind that IP addresses can't give a perfect latitude and longitude. The default search may not be the absolute closest airport to your computer, but it should be close.

Fly2lunch is iPad Ready - Mar 13, 2010
Apple's new iPad is a mobile device, but it has an extremely capable broswer. After testing the site with the iPad simulator, we've decided to send the iPad to the full desktop site. Enjoy!

Twitter Integration - Jul 5, 2009
We're happy to announce twitter integration at fly2lunch! Now, when you post a restaurant review at fly2lunch, a message with a link is posted to - Follow fly2lunch on twitter!

Removing the Ads - Jan 5, 2009
Until now, fy2lunch has been supported by Google ads. To make the site more user friendly, we're in the process of removing the ads. Everything else will remain the same & the site will remain free. Instead, do us a favor and...
Tell your friends about!

Mobile Page Updates
The fly2lunch mobile web page has been around for a long time. We just updated a few things to make the web page more usable on mobile devices, including the iPhone. When you browse to on your mobile device, you should automatically get redirected to the mobile site. If you don't, you can click on the "Mobile Site" link at the bottom of the page or request the mobile site directly by typing in this url: Official Store
You can now purchase fly2lunch apparel. Check out the selection at the Official Store.

Friend Blog Feed
Registered users can now see recent blog posts from all their fly2lunch friends in one place. You can also post directly to the blog feed from this page, so it can be used as one-stop-shopping to chat back & forth with your friends. Posts made from this page will not show on your user page. However, posts made from your user page will show on both.

See the Friend blog feed here. (If you are not signed in to your fly2lunch account, you'll be required to sign in first)

Public Blog Feed
Registered users can now see recent blog posts from the entire fly2lunch community using the "Public blog feed" link at the top of the page. This can be used to see what interesting things are going on or to find new friends. Since users can post to their blogs about anything, you stand a chance for some very interesting reading. To cut down on spam and other inappropriate content, users are required to register for a free account & log in prior to using the Public blog feed section.

See the Public blog feed here. (If you are not signed in to your fly2lunch account, you'll be required to sign in first)

User Pages, Blogs & Friends
Registered users now automatically have a user page that they can user as a central launch point for fly2lunch. The user pages list the user's restaurant reviews, information about the user's aircraft, and show a personalized photo. There is also section displaying your friends with links to their user pages. The prime content on your user page is up to you to create through the blog section in the middle of the page. You can post blog comments so that everyone or just your friends can see them.

There are links to users' pages on every restaurant review or fly-in comment they post. Too add someone as a friend, click on the "Add as a Friend" link at the top of their user page. The user will then see a friend request on their page and can accept your friend request by clicking on the green checkmark next to your name.

To cut down on spam and other inappropriate content, users are required to register for a free account & log in prior to using the user page section.

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