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Why are we here? was started by a pilot for all pilots. When fly2lunch went live, there was not a completely free internet resource for pilots to easily search restaurants, fly-ins, airshows, camping sites, etc. Enjoy it and pass the word!

What does fly2lunch provide?
   Fun. Free. is not meant as one-stop shopping for flight planning. It is here for you to share places to go with other pilots and reference where others have been. By sharing with each other, we can all have more fun in this great passion we all share.

Fly2lunch does provide FAA data on the airports you are interested in. Data effective dates are listed with the corresponding airport information. However, nothing at fly2lunch is a substitute for official flight planning material. Fly2lunch may contain errors and inaccurate information. It is the pilot's responsibility to properly plan each flight properly using official flight planning materials and briefings. It is always a good idea to call ahead wherever you plan on going.

When appropriate, will provide links to other web sites that contain valuable information. One example of this is our Weather by Weathermeister™ links.

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