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New stuff Plane Janes Restaurant Information
Restaurant Information
Name: Plane Janes
Average props rating:
3.0 Props(3.0/5.0)
Restaurant location: On the airport
      Sunday: 0600-1700       Thursday: 0600-2100
Monday: 0600-2100 Friday: 0600-2100
Tuesday: 0600-2100 Saturday: 0600-2100
Wednesday: 0600-2100
Phone: unknown
Web site:
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Airport Information Weather by Weathermeister™
FAA information as of: 11/18/2010
Airport: Plymouth Muni (PYM)
143.1 nm from Westchester County on an initial heading of 80°
4 miles SW of Plymouth
Sectional chart: New York
      Latitude   Longitude
      41° 54' 32.5"N 70° 43' 43.6"W
      41° 54.541'N 70° 43.726'W
      41.90902778°   -70.72877778°
Elevation: 148 ft
Magnetic Variation: 16° W
Traffic Pattern Altitude: See Remarks section below
Segmented Circle: Y
Lighting: Dusk-Dawn
      CTAF and/or UNICOM: 123 123
      ARTCC: Boston
      Flight Service Station: Bridgeport 1-800-WX-BRIEF
Non-commercial landing fee: N

Runway Information
     Runway: 06/24
     Dimensions: 4349 x 75 ft
     Edge lighting: MED

     Runway: 15/33
     Dimensions: 3351 x 75 ft
     Edge lighting: MED

Fuel types: 100LL & Jet A
Bottled oxygen: Low
Bulk oxygen type: Low
Airframe repair: Major
Powerplant repair: Major
Customs airport of entry: N
Customs landing rights: N

Contact information
      Town Of Plymouth
      11 Lincoln Street
      Plymouth, Ma 02360
      Tom Maher
      246 South Meadow Rd, South Meadow Rd
      Plymouth, Ma 02360
Departure airport
Westchester County
Aeronautical Chart

Destination airport
Plymouth Muni
Aeronautical Chart

Plane Janes Reviews

Rating: 2 out of 5.
My last trip there I ordered the chili. Most places that serve chili have it in a crock pot waiting but apparently here they make each cup when it's ordered. I didn't mind the 15 minute wait so much but when the cup of chili arrived it was full of large clumps of what appeared to be microwaved ground beef. Not my idea of appetizing at all. So if I ever come back I may try them again but will definitely avoid the Chili.
      Reviewed by Hisham Abouelleil on 2016-05-03  

Rating: 4 out of 5.
I had breakfast here 2-8-14
Service was good
Western omelet was really good as were the homefries.
Definitely will try again.
      Reviewed by Joe Davis on 2014-02-09  

Rating: 3 out of 5.
The food is average diner fare but itís one of my favorite lunch spots. The view from the second story porch really makes it a nice place. In one visit you can see all sorts of flying machines from vintage aircraft, helicopters to private jets. Iíve seen gliders there before but the school might be closed now.
      Reviewed by Owen Carr on 2010-03-24  

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
      Reviewed by Don Velozo on 2009-04-20  

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Airport Remarks

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