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New stuff Nancy's Airfield Cafe Restaurant Information
Restaurant Information
Name: Nancy's Airfield Cafe
Average props rating:
4.6 Props(4.6/5.0)
Restaurant location: On the airport
      Sunday: 0800-1500       Thursday: 0800-1430
Monday: Closed Friday: 0800-2100
Tuesday: Closed Saturday: 0800-2100
Wednesday: 0800-1430
Phone: (978)897-3934
Web site:
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Airport Information Weather by Weathermeister™
FAA information as of: 11/18/2010
Airport: Minute Man Air Field (6B6)
128.8 nm from Westchester County on an initial heading of 60°
2 miles N of Stow
Sectional chart: New York
      Latitude   Longitude
      42° 27' 40.1"N 71° 31' 7.2"W
      42° 27.669'N 71° 31.120'W
      42.46116111°   -71.51867917°
Elevation: 268 ft
Magnetic Variation: 16° W
Traffic Pattern Altitude: See Remarks section below
Segmented Circle: N
Lighting: Dusk-2300
      CTAF and/or UNICOM: 122.8 122.8
      ARTCC: Boston
      Flight Service Station: Bridgeport 1-800-WX-BRIEF
Non-commercial landing fee: N

Runway Information
     Runway: 03/21
     Dimensions: 2770 x 48 ft
     Edge lighting: LOW

     Runway: 12/30
     Dimensions: 1600 x 70 ft
     Edge lighting: None

Fuel types: 100LL
Bottled oxygen: None
Bulk oxygen type: None
Airframe repair: Major
Powerplant repair: Major
Customs airport of entry: N
Customs landing rights: N

Contact information
      Minute Man Airfield Inc
      302 Boxboro Rd
      Stow, Ma 01775
      Donald Mc Pherson
      302 Boxboro Rd
      Stow, Ma 01775
Departure airport
Westchester County
Aeronautical Chart

Destination airport
Minute Man Air Field
Aeronautical Chart

Nancy's Airfield Cafe Reviews

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Nancy's is worth the trip, but kind of pricey ($34 for two adults and a 4-year-old?) compared to nearby Colette's at KFIT. The food was good however, and service was quick and friendly. I arrived there as an EAA Young Eagles event was just winding down so parking was a challenge, but my guess is parking near the terminal is never plentiful....this is a busy airport!
      Reviewed by Rupert Schaum on 2010-11-14  

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Great place, excellent food! Definitely a cut above any on-airport restaurant that I can think of.
      Reviewed by Owen Carr on 2010-03-24  

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Great little airport with friendly people. Restaurant never disappoints. They always seem to have a new homemade soup in the kitchen and will bring you a small sample with the menus. Definitely sit in the back room with a wide view of the ramp.
      Reviewed by Steven Fastenberg on 2009-03-10  

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Went to Nancy's for the first time on 3/14/08. I had the "Cubano"... an excellent smoked pulled pork pannini. The food was great, the staff very friendly, even got to meet and talk to Nancy herself. Great place, even has very good fuel prices ($4.19 for 100ll) and even has Mogas!

The runway could use some work, but certainly not the worst I've landed on.

I wish I would have had more time, thier St. Patty's day specials looked incredible!
      Reviewed by Richard Wegener on 2008-03-15  

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Combination of a gourmet restaurant and airport diner...their motto is "not your average hundred-dollar hamburger" and they're right. We drive there from Boston for breakfast when we can't fly - omelettes and pancakes are wicked good. Dinners are great too! Highly recommended.
      Reviewed by Dave on 2007-10-31  

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