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Fly2lunch t-shirts Butterfly Cafe Restaurant Information
Restaurant Information
Name: Butterfly Cafe
Average props rating:
3.7 Props(3.7/5.0)
Restaurant location: A short drive from the airport
      Sunday: unknown       Thursday: unknown
Monday: unknown Friday: unknown
Tuesday: unknown Saturday: unknown
Wednesday: unknown
Phone: unknown
Web site:
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Airport Information Weather by Weathermeister™
FAA information as of: 11/18/2010
Airport: Renner Fld /Goodland Muni/ (GLD)
2 miles N of Goodland
Sectional chart: Wichita
      Latitude   Longitude
      39° 22' 14.2"N 101° 41' 56.3"W
      39° 22.237'N 101° 41.939'W
      39.37062194°   -101.6989919°
Elevation: 3656 ft
Magnetic Variation: 09° E
Traffic Pattern Altitude: See Remarks section below
Segmented Circle: N
Lighting: Dusk-Dawn
      CTAF and/or UNICOM: 122.95 122.95
      ARTCC: Denver
      Flight Service Station: Wichita 1-800-WX-BRIEF
Non-commercial landing fee: N

Runway Information
     Runway: 05/23
     Dimensions: 3501 x 75 ft
     Edge lighting: MED

     Runway: 12/30
     Dimensions: 5499 x 100 ft
     Edge lighting: MED

     Runway: 17/35
     Dimensions: 1800 x 40 ft
     Edge lighting: None

Fuel types: 100LL & Jet A
Bottled oxygen: None
Bulk oxygen type: Low
Airframe repair: Major
Powerplant repair: Major
Customs airport of entry: N
Customs landing rights: N

Contact information
      City Of Goodland
      Mr> Wayne Hill , City Manager, P. O. Box 57
      Goodland, Ks 67735
      Mr. John Collett
      Butterfly Aviation, Renner Municiple Airport
      Goodland, Ks 67735
Destination airport
Renner Fld /Goodland Muni/
Aeronautical Chart

Butterfly Cafe Reviews

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Butterfly Cafe is pretty standard Cafe fair. They have good lunch specials, and good prices, but breakfast is really good.
      Reviewed by Greg Allen on 2017-12-01  

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Great food, great service, friendly
      Reviewed by Jason Fiala on 2013-04-05  

Rating: 3 out of 5.
The Butterfly Cafe is a small, family-run restaurant consisting of a kitchen and some basic tables and chairs. But the food is good and the staff is very friendly and accommodating.
      Reviewed by Mark Kolber on 2011-06-05  

Rating: 4 out of 5.
We always stop at Goodland on the way back and forth to Denver from Missouri. The Butterfly Café is a favorite food stop for us because of the homemade cinnamon rolls and homemade pies. We are a big hit when we arrive in Denver with their homemade pastries. Local people from town eat out there as well. Breakfast is their better meal (they close at 3:00). I’ll give it a 4 for their pastry.
      Reviewed by Diana Richards on 2008-07-16  

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Airport Remarks

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