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Fly2lunch t-shirts Voyager Restaurant Restaurant Information
Restaurant Information
Name: Voyager Restaurant
Average props rating:
3.6 Props(3.6/5.0)
Restaurant location: On the airport
      Sunday: unknown       Thursday: unknown
Monday: unknown Friday: unknown
Tuesday: unknown Saturday: unknown
Wednesday: unknown
Phone: unknown
Web site: unknown
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Airport Information Weather by Weathermeister™
FAA information as of: 11/18/2010
Airport: Mojave (MHV)
1 miles E of Mojave
Sectional chart: Los Angeles
      Latitude   Longitude
      35° 3' 31.1"N 118° 9' 2.0"W
      35° 3.518'N 118° 9.033'W
      35.05863889°   -118.1505556°
Elevation: 2801 ft
Magnetic Variation: 14° E
Traffic Pattern Altitude: 3801 ft MSL (1000 ft AGL)
Segmented Circle: Y
Lighting: Dusk-Dawn
      CTAF and/or UNICOM: 127.6
      ARTCC: Los Angeles
      Flight Service Station: Riverside 1-800-WX-BRIEF
Non-commercial landing fee: N

Runway Information
     Runway: 04/22
     Dimensions: 3946 x 50 ft
     Edge lighting: None

     Runway: 08/26
     Dimensions: 7049 x 100 ft
     Edge lighting: MED

     Runway: 12/30
     Dimensions: 12503 x 200 ft
     Edge lighting: HIGH

Fuel types: 100LL & Jet A
Bottled oxygen: None
Bulk oxygen type: None
Airframe repair: Major
Powerplant repair: Major
Customs airport of entry: N
Customs landing rights: N

Contact information
      East Kern Airport District
      1434 Flightline
      Mojave, Ca 93501
      Stu Witt
      1434 Flightline
      Mojave, Ca 93501
Destination airport
Aeronautical Chart

Voyager Restaurant Reviews

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The food is absolutely terrific, and the service is genuinely friendly. Plus, between the boneyard, the tendency for there to be at least one really interesting plane tied down out front (last time we were there, I loved seeing the F16 and the Piper Tri-Pacer with the best paint job a Tri-Pacer could ever have), and the space projects based there... it's got great atmosphere. You know, if you like aviation stuff. ;)
      Reviewed by Shelley Delayne on 2010-02-17  

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Very friendly service & good food. A stop at the Mojave Spaceport is always interesting. Mojave's home for XCOR, Scaled Composites & more, so you never know what you'll see. Today parked in front of the restaurant there was an AN-2 that just finished filming the new Indiana Jones movie. The restaurant owner was also there making sure everyone was well taken care of.
      Reviewed by Bryan Duke on 2007-10-13  

Rating: 3 out of 5.
although the food and prices are average the service is VERY friendly. Tiedown outside and I feel like I'm as close as I'll get to "The Right Stuff."
      Reviewed by mark manda on 2007-09-25  

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